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Chicago Capital Holdings

Our Mission is to create value through our involvement in the business community and thereby support our customers, employees, shareholders, and their respective communities. We believe the economic recovery starts with us and we want to offer our services to any company in need of capital, solutions or guidance.

Chicago Capital Holdings, LLC traces its roots to 1990 when its affiliate was formed to provide corporate finance advisory services to the metal fabrication industry. Today Chicago Capital Holdings, LLC is a family controlled merchant banking and financial advisory firm.

Our principals have significant corporate finance, real estate, venture capital and hands-on management experience. Each member of our senior management has previously held senior level positions within some of Americas most prominent companies.

We invest in distressed businesses across several industry segments and in healthy businesses within select segments. We also provide financial intermediary services to businesses which are in transition due to an economic cycle or a gap in management.

Our investment and advisory services have helped:
  1. troubled businesses achieve liquidity through financial restructuring;
  2. shareholders obtain liquidity for retirement;
  3. large corporations dispose of non-core businesses;
  4. shareholders evaluate their investment valuation and risks; and
  5. real estate owners and investors solve complex problems.

CEO's Message

Success results from people. Our strategy is to associate with people who have a passion for what they do each day. This passion will drive our organization to a level of excellence and allow us to create value.

The individuals in our organization must also have high ethical and moral values in order to make the right decisions which affect our company, its customers, its employees and their families, as well as our community.

Chicago Capital is a valuable partner based on its integrity and its ability to deliver a high quality service at a reasonable cost.

David D. Onion

Chief Executive Officer

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Chicago Capital is a member of the The Turnaround Management Association / Midwest Chapter. The member firms of the Association provide professional services to companies who are faced with various financial and operational issues. These services may be provided on a Pro Bono basis to eligible companies who can not afford to pay fees.

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